High Integrity C++ (HIC++) coding standard - for the production of high quality code

PRQA launched its High Integrity C++ Coding Standard (HIC++) in 2003 and according to Chris Rommel, VP M2M Embedded Technology at VDC, HIC++ has become one of the most widely adopted coding standa...

Advanced TCA in the military for ultra-reliable network computing

Advanced TCA technology is an open, bladed architecture for high-performance, ultra-reliable network computing. This webtalk with Rob Persons from Artesyn addresses the forces driving the requiremen...

Enabling the IoT with new MCUs for Human Machine Interfaces

Product development in the IoT means design engineers need to develop functionalities that enhance the user experience in Human Machine Interfaces. Learn in this webtalk how Spansion’s two new...

Powering FPGAs with SIMPLE SWITCHER® Power Modules

Learn how to overcome the challenges of powering FPGAs with SIMPLE SWITCHER® power modules from an expert. This webinar will review the specifications that are needed to power FPGAs as well as...

This 1-day conference focuses on Embedded Systems Design for the Internet of Things  and will provide system designers, hardware engineers and software developers with first-hand information about visions, trends, technologies and implementations in application areas like Smart Factory, Smart Home & Building, Smart Energy, Smart City, Smart Medical, …

Date & Location:
May 19, 2015  in Munich in the RAMADA Hotel, Konrad-Zuse-Platz 14, 81829 München

Application-ready solutions for the Internet of Things

In this Webtalk, ADLINK Technology discusses how the company is enabling the Internet of Things with innovative embedded computing solutions for edge devices, intelligent gateways and cloud services...

How to do protocol testing from SSDs to IoT

Discover how new serial protocols like NVM Express and MPHY are enabling SSD and IOT technologies. Learn how the industry is utilizing and standardizing on new test methods to support these new pr...

Extending VMEbus life cycles beyond 2020

Concurrent Technologies react to the news that the prime VMEbus bridge device is in the process of End of Life. They announced a number of options to help customers support their existing VMEbus d...

Embedded Computing Systems - maximizing performance and minimizing SWaP

Learn how innovations in modular open standard architectures are increasing performance in nearly half the size, weight, and cost as previous solutions. With a focus on powerful digitizers for def...

Simplify WAN optimization with standard Servers

This article shows how an approach based on the recently updated Intel platform for Large-Scale Communications Infrastructure Systems offers a cost-effective and scalable solution. See how this pl...

End-to-End solutions for the Internet of Things

For companies seeking to capitalize on the IoT, a degree of scale is needed to ensure success. In this article we will examine the factors needed to succeed in the IoT and how partnering with Inte...

New software quality assurance methods keep everything under control

Software quality assurance in electronic control devices, according to the ISO 26262 standard, is often a fairly diffi cul t task in practice. A new non-invasive method now allows for the first time d...

Five trends shaping 802.11 WLANs

This article describes in detail five specific trends which will likely shape the growth of WiFi technology in the future. Although these are the five biggest trends today, the progression of technolo...

Low-power MCU design techniques for battery-powered devices

This article highlights the advantages of using the low-power capabilities of 32-bit microcontrollers such as the RenesasRX100, and shows how system engineers can apply them to design battery-powered ...

Optimised MCUs enable a new spin on motor control

This article discusses the new Kinetis V series MCUs, the supporting Kinetis motor suite tool and the benefi ts they offer for leveraging modern motor technologies. ...

Unlocking the full potential of the Industrial Internet of Things

A leading automation solution for the Industrial IoT is deviceWISE from ILS Technology, a Telit company, designed to connect production machines and processes with enterprise resource planning (ERP) a...

Solid state drives are replacing hard disks in industrial applications

The potential advantages of solid state over hard disk drives are now becoming apparent in the marketplace. This article discusses the technological background to this trend. ...

Industrial PCs in the maintenance cloud: focussing on MTBF and MTTR

Panel and Box PCs, which are used for HMIs and control units, should be able to connect to maintenance clouds quickly and reliably. This article describes the demands that machine and plant manufactur...

How to select the right embedded module and the right module provider

Once the decision has been taken to use an embedded module, the search for the best solution begins. Choosing a modular solution has wide-ranging consequences for the user, so it is therefore very imp...

How to achieve fastest system startup sequences with your embedded system

This article discusses how to achieve fast startup times, especially in view of different operating systems like a general purpose OS or RTOS. Additionally an overview is given on boot media and their...

Embedded Forum: technical trends with IoT, Microcontrollers, Tools, Boards & Modules

This is the virtual version of the Embedded Forum which ICC Media was  staging at electronica show in Munich. The virtual Embedded Forum provides free access to on-demand webinars about the Internet-of-Things, Microcontrollers & SoCs, Developments Tools and Embedded Computing Boards & Modules.

Easy-to-use, accessible technology for the Internet of Things

An open source, easy-to-use tool such as the WunderBar IoT Starter-Kit helps to exploit the Internet of Things. By using the relayr platform, all users of the IoT – either with or without a comm...

Optimizing system efficiency using MCU power management options

Embedded systems today face demanding single-charge operating requirements. MCUs with a variety of built-in power management options, coupled with power debugging tools, can simplify optimization and ...

Configurable hardware for automotive alternator regulator designs

The Epona alternator regulator can increase the effi ciency of generators in 24V and 12V on-board electrical systems in commercial vehicles and passenger cars. A basic hardware system that can be used...

SMARC: two processor worlds combined in a single standard

This article explains, how SMARC, an exceptionally slim-line minicomputer form factor (82mmx50mm), can combine the two competing processor worlds of x86 and ARM under a single common SGET standard? ...

Open Source solutions for connected applications tomorrow

This article introduces Legato, a new generation of M2M software - an open-source embedded platform designed to simplify the development of M2M applications. It is built on a fully-tested Linux distri...

Successful energy harvesting for wireless sensor nodes

This article presents simple energy-harvesting techniques which can be used to implement maintenance-free wireless sensors for cost-effective networking in applications such as smart homes, building a...

Methods of achieving high Color Rendering Index with LEDs

With standard LEDs, it is not possible to realize LED luminaires and lamps with both high effi cacies and high CRI. This article introduces the Brilliant Mix concept which now allows to effectively re...

How to protect your products from tampering and reverse engineering

In this presentation you will learn how Gemalto’s (SafeNet acquired) Embedded Software Monetization Solutions provide device and equipment manufacturers all the tools they need to effectivel...

Ready for the Internet of Things with ultra-low power wireless transceivers

Brian Buchanan, Corporate Marketing Manager in the Application Products Group at ON Semiconductor talks about the new product family that supports high-performance, reliable and efficient communicatio...

Join the embedded virtualization revolution

This webtalk is a summary of TenAsys embedded virtualization revolution, with product and real world customer examples. The growth in popularity of rugged, multicore PCs have helped drive the awarenes...

Intelligent solutions for next generation retail & digital signage systems

In this video MSC Technologies and Intel present intelligent solutions for next generation retail & digital signage systems. For demanding applications, MSC Technologies offers the MSC C6B-8S ...

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Advantech 2014/2015 hardware solution offerings for the Machine Vision market



MSC showing latest COM Express and Qseven Modules on Electronica 2014



Universal Debug engine for complete multi-core systems



Wibu-Systems guides intelligent device manufacturers towards Industry 4.0



congatec simplifies the use of embedded technology



Fischer Connectors : Connect2 Expertise, Reliability and Innovation



Modular Systems reduces development expenses



MSC Technologies offers full variety in displays



Boot Protect, Apacer’s latest addition to the CoreProtector Technology


TQ Preview

Intel Atom E3800 ("Bay Trail") Solutions at TQ-Systems

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The connected car addresses congestion and safety challenges


New flash management architecture enables MLC for industrial storage

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High Integrity C++ (HIC++) coding - White Paper about the updated version 4.0

The authors of the HIC++ Coding Standard have written a whitepaper that summarizes the rationale behind version 4.0,    explains how HIC++ fits with other popular C++ coding standards such as MISRA C++, JSF AV C++ and CERT C++ and highlights the changes from the previous version.

Powering FPGAs with SIMPLE SWITCHER Power Modules

Learn how to overcome the challenges of powering FPGAs with SIMPLE SWITCHER power modules from an expert. This webinar will review the specifications that are needed to power FPGAs as well as suggest ways to overcome common challenges and propose Xilinx/Altera solutions.

Simplify WAN optimization with standard Servers

This article shows the recently updated Intel platform for Large-Scale Communications Infrastructure Systems is optimized for the compression and cryptographic workload at the heart of the WAN optimization.

End-to-End solutions for the Internet of Things

In this article we will examine the factors needed to succeed in the Internet-of-Things and how partnering with Intel and Avnet can help you meet these requirements.

How to protect your products from tampering and reverse engineering

In this presentation you will learn how SafeNet's Embedded Software Monetization Solutions provide device and equipment manufacturers all the tools they need to effectively protect their products from tampering and reverse engineering.

Learn how to rapidly design and develop industrial solutions

In this webinar, we will walk through various industrial reference designs and discuss TI's portfolio of microcontrollers, wireless devices and analog ICs optimized for industrial applications.

Intelligent solutions for next generation retail & digital signage systems

In this video MSC Technologies and Intel present intelligent solutions for next generation retail & digital signage systems, like the the MSC C6B-8S module family which is based on 4th generation Intel Core processors with high computing power, graphics, and video performance. 

Making power supply design easier with TI’s WEBENCH Power Designer

Take a tour of the latest features of WEBENCH Power Designer, and instantly design and optimize your power supplies!  In this Webinar, you will learn tips and techniques to quickly select a regulator, compute BOM, re-compensate the loop for externally compensated designs, edit a schematic, complete thermal analysis and electrical simulation.

Connect legacy equipment with Internet of Things gateways

Extracting valuable data from existing infrastructure is a key challenge for the IoT. Find out how a simple IoT gateway can help you gather a wide range of analog and digital data from legacy equipment.

IoT standards enable interoperability

The IoT promises a future where everything is online. But today, a lack of standards makes it difficult to connect. Learn how industry experts are solving this problem.

Hardware platform & software support for wideband interception and direction finding

This Case Study introduces a MicroTCA-based solution designed for wideband signal interception, monitoring and direction finding.  In this application, VadaTech’s software development services took center stage, helping to fill in the gaps for the customer’s SIG-INT application.

Powerful CPU modules drive four independent full HD displays

This White Paper introduces intelligent control of up to four high resolution displays for demanding visualization applications in industrial automation, POS / POI and digital signage systems

New life for Embedded Systems in the Internet of Things

Up until now, IoT software solutions have largely had to be built from scratch with a high degree of customization to specific requirements. What have been missing are developer tools that alleviate the costs associated with building the foundational infrastructure—the “plumbing” of their solutions.

Accelerate IoT solution development with an end-to-end cloud-based platform

Wind River Edge Management System is a cloud-based IoT platform that enables developers to leapfrog over building their own infrastructure and custom-coding their own software for the technology stack. It installs the framework for solutions to be developed and deployed, dramatically reducing the cost, time, and engineering resources required for development.

Boosting security levels and monetization in the era of the Internet of Things

Learn in this whitepaper, how professional license and entitlement management solutions present a way of boosting both IoT security levels and monetization opportunities

Choosing the best Cortex-M processor for your design

Please join us for this webinar where our Cortex-M processor product experts take you through the options and configurations available to help you decide which Cortex-M processor is best suited to your needs.

M2M security tailored to your application

What should enterprises using M2M and OEMs developing solutions be doing right now to protect their applications? This White Paper shows you potential threats and how to provide the right level of security for specific devices and applications.

Enabling the Industrial Internet of Things

In this live webinar, Intel and ADLINK touch on: advantages offered by Intel’s latest x86 technology advancements, ndustries that are already embracing connected systems, and sample applications and they explain how to create IoT application designs that can incorporate legacy infrastructure.

MATLAB speaks Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LEGO Mindstorms and more

MATLAB and Simulink work with popular low-cost hardware platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and LEGO. MATLAB can acquire and analyze sensor or image data from a connected hardware platform. Simulink can be used to program a hardware platform. Using free hardware support packages, you can develop projects for applications such as robotics, computer vision, data acquisition and signal processing.

SiC Power - low ON resistance and superior characteristics under high temperatures

This webinar gives an overview on ROHM‘s portfolio of SiC diodes, -MOSFETs and -Modules with the main focus on SiC MOSFETs. We will explain how designers benefit using SiC-MOSFETs by increasing switching frequency and operation temperature, and thus lowering total system cost, size and weight.

Test strategies for robust CAN systems

The CAN serial bus system has already been deployed in numerous aviation applications. To meet the stringent requirements for robustness, reliability, and long service life, there is an increasing demand for efficient measurement and test methods, which also cover the CAN physical transmission layer.

COTS fail-safe platform for train control and rail signaling

Designed to address the changes happening in the market for rail infrastructure, Artesyn introduces a new COTS fail-safe platform for train control and rail signaling.

M2M - are you planning a scalable long-term cellular strategy for 2G, 3G & 4G technologies?

For organizations developing machine-to-machine applications, when does it make sense to migrate to 3G and 4G services? Download this white paper to learn more.

Industry 4.0 -  factory automation is key to the next industrial revolution

Heinz-Peter Beckemeyer, TI's General Manager, Factory Automation & Control Systems, discusses the industrial revolution, also called Industry 4.0. He presents how electronics are enabling the industrial revolution and why factory automation is one key aspect of this.

Mixed language programming for critical systems

Over the last 30 years Ada has gained the reputation of a programming language with an unrivalled pedigree in high integrity software development. It has become particularly relevant for systems with mixed-criticality constraints where it must interface with other languages.

Industrial Control & Communications

This TechFeature provides  an update about latest trends, solutions and products to create reliable control and  communication within industrial environments.

ARM-based and x86-based Embedded Systems Design

In the embedded computing market, the decision whether to go with x86 or with ARM has become more complex and difficult than ever. This virtual conference helps you to pick-up the most appropriate technology for your specific application needs.