Challenges for Safety-Critical AFDX Applications

A growing number of safety-critical avionic solutions are using the “Avionic Full Duplex Switched Ethernet” (AFDX), designated ARINC 664P7, specification for a deterministic aircraft data network. To achieve the highest level of reliability and safety in AFDX-based systems many measures and also compliance to the relevant market certifications have to be taken under consideration.

In this webinar, Michael Henze, Product Manager and safety expert at MEN Mikro Elektronik, explains the most important requirements and how to allow flexible customization even in this demanding environment.



  • Michael Henze is Product Manager for safe products, MEN Mikro Elektronik. Michael Henze, degreed computer engineer, started at MEN as IC designer in 2005 before becoming a product manager. At present, Michael Henze is mainly responsible for all safety related projects and products at MEN.



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