IoT Automation Platform based on ARM Cortex M and FreeRTOS

Artila introduces an IoT automation platform based on ARM Cortex M and FreeRTOS.  Unlike Linux is a full features OS, FreeRTOS is a lightweight real time operation system and a market leading open standard for microcontroller. Artila’s Aport and RIO family are based on Cortex M MCU and FreeRTOS and provide a tiny but mighty computing platform which includes real time OS, lightweight IP (lwIP) TCP/IP stack, Web server, serial and I/O device drivers and system configuration APIs.

Aport-212PG serves as a programmable device server which is designed for custom applications such as protocol conversion, remote device monitoring and web based device control.  Likewise, RIO-2010PG is also C/C++ programmable and suitable for remote data acquisition and control.  Artila’s FreeRTOS Board Support Package (BSP) includes FreeRTOS kernel, lwIP, device driver and configuration library.  ARM Keil C/C++ compiler and Sourcery CodeBench lite are supported tool chain and many example programs are available for user’s reference.  The Manager utility software is available and used to search and configure Aport and RIO, convert and download the user’s firmware and web page to Aport and RIO.

Thanks to the AJAX and JSON web interface, developing a web based remote I/O control is never so easy before.  When a browser sends a request to web server of RIO-2010PG e.g. “GET”, web server will pass this request to AJAX.C to response a JSON data to browser.  Then browser can use JavaScript to process the data and update the web page.

Use this FreeRTOS platform, we developed Aport-212 Modbus and DNP3.0 gateway and RIO, web based remote I/O.  Artila will continue to develop application ready firmware for users to update the functions of Aport and RIO.  iAlarm and iControl are the first two application firmwares available for users to download.

Artila will continuously upgrade our product and service to provide ready to go IoT solution such as MQTT and Cloud applications.  For more product information, please visit Aport-212PG / RIO-2010PG for reference, and keep visit for most update news on IoT.


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