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Mar/Apr 2014

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Smart teamwork enables networked support for renewable energies

Power Modules

EN60601-1 third edition: a standard with many faces

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In this live webinar you will learn that with the new Kinetis V series microcontrollers, motor control no longer needs to be inefficient, noisy or difficult.

In this webinar we’ll walk you through Texas Instrument’s complete Motor Control system solutions for all main motor types: 3-phase brushless, stepper and brushed DC motors.

Nach Mehrheitsbeteiligung durch die TQ wird die zuvor insolventen SRI, Durach, als eigenständiger Standort der TQ-Gruppe weitergeführt.

This Virtual Seminar provides you with a series of Webinars and White Papers about specifications, technical trends, products & solutions in the area of the two PICMG standards AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA.

InstaSPIN™-FOC (field-oriented-control) technology enables designers — even those with limited motor control experience — to identify, tune and fully control any type of three-phase, variable speed, sensorless, synchronous or asynchronous motor control system in just minutes.

Throughout all industries there is a growing number of small electric motors due to the increased automation and continued elimination of manual processes. This increase brings new and increased performance requirements regarding lower noise, higher dynamics and higher efficiency. Other trends are smart power and distributed control. It is not enough to just drive a motor but the user requires feedback at all time as well power saving high efficiency devices. This leads to the

Toshiba Electronics Europe shows how choosing the right microcontroller and development tool combination can dramatically reduce the time taken to develop accurate and efficient field oriented control of BLDC motors. The webinar explains the concept of field oriented control (also known as vector control) and introduces hardware and software that allows engineers to get a complete BLDC motor application up and running without the need to develop any additional code.

The new CompactPCI® Serial standard gears up CompactPCI® for the future and is the ideal basis to build solutions for harsh environments and mission-critical applications.

The presentation gives an overview about already existing products for the new technologies CompactPCI PlusIO and Serial and describes some small peculiarities you should consider.

As you can see in our free Virtual Seminar, CompactPCI® Serial can be used from simple industrial PCs to clustered, redundant high-end systems, from harsh environments till safety critical, supporting Ethernet, USB, SATA and PCI Express in parallel.

This webcast will review designs in which isolation is needed to protect personnel and equipment from harsh electrical environments. Presentation will detail interface power requirements and approaches for achieving design objectives.

Dieser Webcast gibt einen Überblick zu Anwendungen in denen elektrische Isolation benötigt wird um Bedienpersonal und Geräte in rauer Umgebung zu schützen. Die Präsentation geht im Detail auf die entsprechenden Anforderungen bezüglich Leistungsaufnahme ein und stellt verschiedene Ansätze vor um die benötigten Entwicklungsziele zu erreichen.

This paper describes some fundamentals of a real-time system and why real-time capabilities are hard to achieve with the standard Linux kernel, followed by an analysis of different approaches for improving real-time behavior with Linux.

The scope of applications for industrial displays is always increasing such as in factory automation, ATMs, ticketing kiosks and many more places. Nowadays, industrial displays are everywhere. Traditionally, industrial displays function only to display information, but because of developments in touch screen and cloud technologies, industrial displays have been transformed into interactive Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), and as a result, we see more and more outdoor applications appearing.

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